Mina was born and raised in Iran. She has a Bachelor of science in Nutrition from Pahlavi University Shiraz, Iran, a Masters degree in counseling Psychology from University of Bridgeport, Connecticut and a Post-Masters Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Clinical Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. She is licensed in Maryland and Washington D.C.

Mina has 27 years of experience as a psychotherapist providing individual, group, marriage, and family therapy to multicultural and multigenerational clients. In August of 1995, she started a weekly TV program called "Psychology of Iranians" which lasted for over a decade. The program addressed many issues that Iranian/Americans struggle with, including acculturation, dating, divorce, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, career choices, and child rearing. Particular focus has been the challenges of being married. Mina has been the guest speaker for a number of Iranian/American organizations, addressing, for example, self-esteem, communication skills, stress management, and the difficulties of being single and dating.

Mina is a certified RET Therapist. She has received extensive training and supervision by many master clinicians including Dr Albert Ellis, the founder of RET therapy. (In July 1982, Dr. Ellis was ranked as the second most influential Psychotherapist in a survey of clinical psychologists, surpassed only by Carl Rogers, founder of client-centered therapy. Freud was number three!) Mina has participated in seminars and workshops offered by Albert Ellis Institute, American Hypnosis Training Academy, The Family Therapy Net-Work, Academy for American Psychotherapist, and The American Institute of Medical Education.


There are many different therapeutic approaches that are being successfully and sometimes not so successfully used by psychotherapists. Rather than getting bogged down by technique, Mina has a genuine interest in her clients and their stories. She believes that people seek therapy because they are in pain. She listens and learns what is causing the pain. She looks for what can be done to ease their suffering. Mina understands that opening up to total stranger can be hard, especially for Iranians. So she waits for the trust to develop. This is how the journey begins.

Educating her clients is a big part of what Mina does. She helps her clients recognize their strengths and weaknesses. She teaches them how to use their inner resources to grow emotionally, professionally and spiritually. Mina is aware that facing ones’ weaknesses might be painful and anxiety-provoking. She gently but effectively nudges her clients to confront, accept and change what they might consider shameful and or self-destructive. When appropriate Mina uses stories, fairly tales, poems and movie clips. Her favorite writers are Sadegh Hedayat and Samad Behrangi. Her favorite poet is Forough Farokhzad.

Mina believes that the power to change lies within. Clients discover how to unlock their own potential and achieve their goals.

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